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  • Spectral RS

    Spectral RS

    Hair-growth lotion spray that delivers astonishing results.

    Package: 1 bottle 60 ml

    Code: DSL02
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    Category:  vials hair loss
    Manufacturer: DS Laboratories
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    For men and women with thinning hair not caused primarily by genetics, the DS Laboratories scientific team has developed Spectral RS, a minoxidil-free hair-growth formula that delivers astonishing results.

    Spectral RS works by addressing the multiple causes that lead to thinning hair, including perifollicular fibrosis and factors such as stress, hormonal disturbances, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and certain medications.
    With perifollicular fibrosis, a condition that accompanies all hair loss, collagen becomes rigid, pushing roots up and out through the surface and causing premature shedding. The Aminexil® formulated into Spectral RS is shown to counter this rigidification of collagen.

    Spectral RS also includes the powerful growth agents adenosine and procyanidins B-2 and C-1. In clinical studies, adenosine shows effectiveness similar to that of minoxidil but without the side effects. Other ingredients in the formula help to improve nutrition, circulation, and metabolism in hair follicles.

    Spectral RS employs proprietary Nanosome technology as its delivery vehicle. Nanosomes infuse active compounds deep into targeted cells for maximum efficacy.


    Spectral RS should be applied twice per day, whether your hair has been washed or not. Since there is no possibility of side effects, it is possible to apply Spectral RS three times per day to accelerate the results. With twice per day use, a bottle of Spectral RS will last approximately 30 days.
    For best results, it is important to apply Spectral RS regularly without skipping applications.


    Deionised Water, Nanosomes of Ivy, Hops, and Capsicum, Nanosomes of Procyanidin B-2 and C-1, Adenosine, Diaminopyrimidine Oxide (Aminexil), Triclosan, Ethanol, Vitamin and Mineral Complex (proprietary complex of vitamins), Propylene Glycol, Piractone Olamine, and Methyl Paraben. ( Herbal extracts are the Ivy, Hops, and Capsicum. Retinol and Copper Peptides are part of the Vitamin and Mineral Complex.)

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