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Dr. Organic Dead Sea Minerals

High Salt & Mineral Content: Being six times salty than any other ocean, the waters of Dead Sea include 27 percent of salts such as sodium chloride, calcium chloride, magnesium bromide, sulfur, potassium chloride and magnesium chloride. It contains other minerals of potash, gypsum and bromine. The contents of which are very corrosive and heavy. This is the reason why there are no fish or plant lives in Dead Sea, except for a few microbes.
The typical mud present in Dead Sea cures many skin diseases such as psoriases, arthritis, headache and eczema. Its water nourishes and softens skin. Since the sea is enriched with such contents, several spa resorts have sprung up around its shore. Thousands of people flock to the Dead Sea each year to treat their skin ailments.
The presence of minerals, salts and other solids make the seawater denser allowing individuals to easily lie on their back and float on the water surface. Most people visit Dead Sea to experience the novelty of floating on water.
Since ancient times, Dead Sea products have been popular for being a beneficial source to people suffering from different skin disorders. The Dead Sea is highly concerted with salt and minerals.
Hence, many folks visit Dead Sea every year to take a bath in the seawater. These resources are beneficial for health. The Dead Sea is among the most popular and excellent spas in the world.

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Dr. Organic Dead Sea Minerals Shampoo+Conditioner
Dr. Organic Dead Sea Minerals Shampoo+Conditioner
This unique combination of Organic Dead Sea Minerals offers a number of hair care benefits, which include nourishing, and remineralising properties.
Package: 1 bottle 265 gr

Code: DRG15
Category: Ristrutturanti per capelli
Avg. Rating: 4 *
Price: € 13.90/Unit/s



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