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Royal Jelly is a milky-white secretion produced by the mandibular glands of the worker honeybees of the species Apis mellifera L. It is used for stimulating the growth and development of the queen honeybee and larvae. There are many benefits in using Royal Jelly on the skin, both as part of a daily beauty and skin care regime and for the purpose of promoting the healing process of various skin conditions. It has moisturising, nourishing, rejuvenating, soothing and healing properties due to its rich and precious composition. Royal Jelly is a natural substance containing a variety of nutrients, plant hormones and vitamins essential to the body. Royal Jelly’s main constituents are sugars, proteins, and lipids.
Royal Jelly provides essential amino acids, the basic ingredients in collagen. Collagen is indispensable in maintaining the skin’s firmness by supporting the skin’s connective tissue.
A Japanese team of scientists found that Royal Jelly may help promote the synthesis of new collagen from skin fibroblasts. Thanks to its ability to assist the repairing of tissue, Royal Jelly is considered to help slow the aging process by improving the renewal, the texture and the tone of the skin, tightening fine lines and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It assists in locking in hydration and strengthening the skin’s ability to retain moisture thereby enhancing the skin’s overall appearance, leaving it soft, supple and smooth. The nucleic acids present in Royal Jelly have been shown to have a significant impact on wrinkles supporting a youthful healthy looking skin.

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Dr. Organic Royal Jelly Shampoo
Dr. Organic Royal Jelly Shampoo
Balancing and stimulating shampoo formulated with Organic Royal Jelly. This restoring shampoo regenerates the natural keratin structure and stimulates deep down into the intercellular matrix to give a restored, perfectly balanced feeling of health.
Package: 1 bottle 265 ml

Code: DRG41
Category: Ristrutturanti per capelli
Avg. Rating: 5 *
Price: € 10.50/Unit/s



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