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Manuka Honey’s strong, beneficial properties are derived from powerful natural antibacterial agents and a high mineral content. Although all honey has some antibacterial action, due to hydrogen peroxide activity, Manuka Honey contains exceptionally high levels of activity and an additional antibacterial component identified as the Unique Manuka Factor. This active component is not found in all Manuka Honey but in only a small percentage of the highest quality Manuka Honeys.
The presence of this activity is detected via laboratory testing originally devised at the University of Waikato in New Zealand. The Unique Manuka Factor activity rating indicates the antibacterial strength of the honey. Unlike standard honey, Manuka Honey’s healing properties are stable and do not lose their effectiveness if exposed to certain conditions such as heat, light or fluid dilution.
Its healing properties are so strong that scientists believe it is more effective in treating certain conditions than a number of forms of modern medicine. Manuka Honey has been found to be valuable in the treatment of wounds, burns, acne, scars, insect bites and wrinkles. In recent years Manuka Honey has become widely utilised in medicinal wound care dressings by Health Authorities around the globe.

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