Nutrifolica Treatment

Nutrifolica Treatment



Product details:
Nutrifolica is designed to counteract problems such as clogged hair follicles and nutrient-deficient shafts. Nutrifolica is a 100% natural product that treats and reverses various causes of hair loss and thinning hair by using safe, specialized herbal nutrients that have been found to nourish, cleanse and stimulate hair follicles. The result is a thicker, fuller head of hair.

Nutrifolica includes as one of its primary ingredients natural acids known as Alpha Hydroxy. These Alpha Hydroxy acids are made from honey and work to deep clean and rid the scalp of the buildup and bacteria that can result from dead skin cells, natural oils, and hair care product residue. Alpha Hydroxy acts as a gentle, non-abrasive, non-irritating exfoliate that removes dead skin cells from the scalp. This unclogs hair follicles and allows new hair to grow.

By cleaning the pores of the scalp, Alpha Hydroxy also allows for the fast and complete absorption of Nutrifolica's herbal nutrients that stimulate and nourish hair follicles that have become nutrient deficient. Hair, like all other aspects of the body, requires nutrients for the maintenance of strength and health. Nutrifolica's special vitamin- and mineral-rich nutrient formula actually maximizes your body’s ability to produce hair.

If your hair follicles are currently producing 1 hair per follicle, use of our product could lead to each follicle producing up to 4 hairs (the maximum amount that a follicle can produce). Previously dormant hair follicles will also begin producing hair again. This two-part treatment (cleansing and nutritional stimulation) helps eliminate hair loss and accelerates hair regrowth.

No other hair loss product on the market today uses the synergistic energy of 15 beneficial herbs and Alpha Hydroxy, the most effective gentle cleanser available, to retain hair and to regrow lost hair. Nutrifolica also contains scalp revitalizers, thickening agents, and hair strengtheners that are infused deep into the hair shaft to make hair healthier and stronger. Your hair will look better in just a few applications - even before your hair grows back!

No other company provides these benefits or uses Alpha Hydroxy in their products.

Nutrifolica will first deep clean the scalp with our Premium Alpha Hydroxy. Alpha Hydroxy removes dead skin cells, oily residue and dirt from the scalp. This unclogs hair follicles so new hair can grow. By cleaning the pores of the scalp, it also allows for fast and complete absorption of our herbal nutrients.

Our herbal ingredients provide valuable nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to the nutrient deficient hair follicles that cause hair loss. Nutrifolica uses the best blend of herbal nutrients that stimulate hair growth, stop hair loss, and thicken hair.

Nutrifolica stimulates circulation to the hair follicles to increase blood flow to the hair follicles. The top of the head is one of the most difficult places for blood to reach. One study indicated that blood flow to the scalp of balding people is 2.6 times lower than people with a full head of hair.

Within a few weeks your current hair will become healthier, stronger, and fuller. In two to four months hair loss will diminish and ultimately stop.

In six months new hair should start to appear. New hair growth will commence with small, baby-like hairs that will eventually grow into full, strong, healthy hairs (this process will begin in those areas where hair was most recently lost). You will then experience accelerated hair growth over the entire scalp.

Nutrifolica's special formula maximizes your body’s ability to produce hair. If your hair follicles are currently producing 1 hair per follicle, using our product could produce up to 4 hairs per follicle, the maximum that can be supported by a single follicle. Previously dormant hair follicles will also begin producing hair again.

Once your new hair has been established, it will be noticeably more abundant, thicker, and stronger than before it fell out. Bald spots, receding hairlines, and other such problems will diminish and you will have a full head of hair again.

One of the most notable benefits of Nutrifolica is that it is a far gentler and less expensive procedure than surgery or chemical formulas and it has no side effects. And, unlike one commonly prescribed drug for hair loss, Nutrifolica does not have any lasting side effects such as a decreased libido. It is more effective than other products because it promotes a natural process of hair growth. The results of using Nutrifolica are real and lasting.

Directions for use:
Nutrifolica is a topical liquid that you apply nightly on your scalp. Application only takes 2 minutes and the product is not greasy or oily. Once you achieve the desired results, begin tapering off daily treatments. One treatment a week to keep hair healthy and strong is recommended.

The formula contains the following 15 herbs: Lotus, Frankincense, Fenugrek, Black Sesame, Myrrh, Thyme, Damiana, Rosemary, Lavender, Saw Palmetto, Ginkgo Biloba, Star Anise, Habanero, Peppermint, Hibiscus.

Nutrifolica's herbs contain an extraordinary amount of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, K, Pantothenic Acid, and Zinc to nourish hair follicles, hair, and the scalp. Topical Zinc and B6 have been medically proven to inhibit DHT production in the skin. DHT can be a factor in creating dormant hair follicles.




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