NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine) 600 mg

NAC - N-acetil-cisteina 600mg

anti-oxidant hairloss supplement



N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) is the acetylated form of the sulphur-containing antioxidant amino acid cysteine, and the form which is best-absorbed and metabolised by the body. It is the most effective and immediate precursor of glutathione, the major antioxidant produced inside our cells, primarily by the liver cells. <BR><BR>NAC is considered a better source of glutathione than glutathione itself, because of the latter's poor absorption when taken orally. Certain individuals with metabolic disorders, however, need to ingest glutathione in its preformed state and at physiologically active doses (see code 0174) for this product). NAC's efficacy in increasing intracellular levels of glutathione has been scientifically proven. Over 220 scientific studies demonstrate that n-acetyl-cysteine: <ul><li>Is particularly effective at preventing colds, flu, smokers' cough and bronchitis, and more generally, pulmonary disorders associated with the accumulation of mucus. <BR><li>Is an effective antidote against paracetamol poisoning when administered within twelve hours. <BR><li>Prevents liver damage from alcohol metabolism and alcoholic poisoning, and relieves hangover symptoms <BR>May reduce carcinogenic effects of tobacco smoke <BR><li>Reduces toxicity of heavy metals and facilitates their excretion <BR><li>Reduces exercise fatigue and promotes recovery <BR><li>Reduces age-related cartilage erosion <BR><li>May significantly reduce levels of lipoprotein (a) and oxidation of LDL cholesterol <BR><li>Reduces side effects of certain chemotherapies <BR><li>Exerts anti-mutagenic effects which help prevent some types of cancer <BR><li>Slows tumour development in lung cancer <BR><li>Restricts susceptibility to HIV infection and is now being studied for its potential to prevent HIV seropositivity from developing into the disease.</ul> <BR>N-acetyl cysteine is a powerful, low-cost, pluri-potent and scientifically-supported antioxidant which anyone wishing to reduce age-associated oxidative stress should include in their daily supplementation.<BR> <BR>Each vegetarian capsule contains 600 mg n-acetyl-cysteine.<BR><BR><b>Recommended use:</B><BR>Take between one and three vegicaps a day, preferably on an empty stomach, or as advised by your therapist. It is strongly recommended to take double or triple amounts of vitamin C at the same time to recycle the glutathione and keep it in its reduced form.<BR>



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