Steel anti-lice hair comb

€ 12.00


The most beneficial solution effective , hygienic and economic problem of lice!

Lendix the comb is easy to use: after washed and combed hair , simply separate them into groups and comb 2 or 3 times with Lendix comb , starting from the scalp. It is important to remember to frequently rinse the comb under the water to be sure that there are no slow between his teeth. This semplicity use comes to effectiveness compared to any other anti- lice product , thanks to its technical characteristics.
It is made of a special steel league that guarantees to persist over time without any alteration; it ensures the maximum hygiene because it can be boiled in water for disinfection and because, even in the case where a chemical lotion is used, it ensures asportation slow, whether bright or dead.
Exact calibration of the teeth, which are long, smooth and well rounded, removes more slow wish within the hair comb without breaking or irritate the scalp, unlike the assembled plastic combs .
It is important to remember that for the families of the comb Lendix final price is 12 Euro (including delivery), a price almost equivalent to the minimum to spend on a single chemical or comb poor. The difference is that other products expenditure is lost, whereas with Lendix we always win: efficiency and duration.
The steel comb Lendix represents the hygienic and economical effective most beneficial solution to the problem of head lice.



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