Kmax keratin hair concealing microfibers - 27.5gr.

Kmax keratin hair concealing microfibers - 27.5 gr.

Microfibre thinning hair concealer

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New 100% natural, colour-free formulation

Microfibres are finer and electrostatic properties enhanced

Extremely natural colour shades

New 12.5g, 27.5g, 50g, Travel Set (5x3,5 g) sizes

New jar for quicker, more practical application

Detailed, easy-to-understand instructions for even better application

Even greater value for money. Best product in its category for quantity/price ratio

Stop balding in 20 seconds!

How it works

Kmax keratin hair concealing microfibers is a revolutionary finely textured fiber substance that binds electrostatically to your existing thinning, fine and semitransparent hair, producing an incredible thickening effect in a matter of seconds and concealing the shiny areas of the scalp.

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Hair immediately looks thicker and hair thinning is no longer evident, meaning that the user no longer has to worry about unsightly thinning when around others, whether in the workplace, at important ceremonies and events or under bright lights. Some people in showbusiness and famous actors use this kind of product to produce the appearance of thicker hair and hide light being reflecting off the scalp.

Ideal for women, too!

Kmax keratin hair concealing microfibers can also be used successfully to tackle thinning hair in women. As a matter of fact, a growing number of women are plagued by the problem of thinning and fine hair.

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This product makes an incredible "psychological" contribution. Hair actually looks thicker straight away and there are no visible bald patches between thinning hair, allowing users to live more serenely with their hair problem if they have undertaken a regrowth treatment that will take many months before they see results, or during periods of particularly noticeable hair loss (seasonal hair loss in spring and autumn). It can be very useful in releasing the person from the anxiety that often comes with hair loss and that, at the same time, can compound the problem. This is why dermatologists recommend the product to their patients and why it is also used during the post hair transplant healing process to conceal the tiny scabs that can form in the days immediately following surgery.

Kmax keratin hair concealing microfibers is the product with the best quantity/price ratio in this category. Kmax keratin hair concealing microfibers comes in 9 colour shades: Black, Dark brown, Medium brown, Light brown, Auburn, Blonde, Dark grey, Light grey, White.

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The electrostatic charge that is created between the microfibres and hair means Kmax keratin hair concealing microfibers withstands wind very well and is fairly resistant to water, especially if it is fixed with KMX02, the gas-free hairspray that has been specially designed to increase the microfibres' hold on the hair shafts and scalp.

It is nonetheless easy to remove by shampooing since the shampoo's washing bases can break the electrostatic bonds between the microfibres and hair.

Kmax keratin hair concealing microfibers can also be successfully used by Women to effectively conceal grey roots, without having to resort frequently to recolouring

How do you choose the colour best suited to your hair?

To choose the most suitable colour, refer to the colour chart, deciding which colour best matches your own hair. If your hair changes shade between the base and the ends, take the colour at the base of the hair as your reference. To exactly determine the most suitable colour, you can compare applications with different colours (e.g. buying dark brown one time, medium brown the next, etc.), trying them on your hair until you find the one best suited. You can also mix two or more different colours to get your own personalized colour that's perfect for your hair.


To get the best results - which will gradually improve as you gain confidence with the product and gain experience in its application - it is best to follow a few tips. Use on dry hair. Tip the jar over to an angle of approx. 45 degrees, holding it about 5-10 cm above your thinning hair and jiggling the jar to get the microfibres to come out of the sprinkler cap onto the area you want to treat. Using your hands and/or a brush, gently help the microfibres to distribute evenly and remove any excess product, taking care not to touch your scalp with your fingertips. You can now style your hair.

To further increase the microfibres' hold, apply KMX02.


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