Kmax hairloss supplement TOTAL TREATMENT

Kmax hairloss supplement TOTAL TREATMENT

Kit anti-dht + anti-sides + anti-ox

€ 89.90


Kmax hairloss supplement TOTAL TREATMENT is the ideal kit for the nutritional integrations at 360 degrees to prevent and cure baldness, as it includes 1 bottle each of Kmax supplements at an affordable price.

The kit includes:
  •      1 bottle ANTI-DHT, 150 capsules
  •      1 bottle ANTI-SIDES , 150 capsules
  •      1 bottle ANTI-OX , 150 capsules
Kmax hairloss supplement ANTI-DHT is a nutritional supplement specifically for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia with the main natural extracts with antioxidant and anti-dht: Serenoa repens, Urtica diotica, Zinc, Astanxantina, lignans, and more.

Kmax hairloss supplement ANTI-SIDES   is a supplement in capsules designed to take advantage of the powerful action of specific substances (oligomeric procyanidins, naringin, biperine, etc..). Intended to combat the symptoms and side effects caused by drugs, anti-dht (finasteride in the first place).
Hence also the name of the integrator (ANTI-SIDES) who wants to invoke its "anti-side-effects"

Kmax hairloss supplement ANTI-OX is a dietary supplement containing the main ingredients of natural antioxidant: sulfenil-Methyl-methane, N-acetyl-cysteine​​, beta-sitosterol, vitamin C, lycopene,

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