Supplement with horsetail, tit. 7% silica. Useful for bone remineralization, in the case of reduced urine output, osteoporosis, urinary tract infections and cellulitis.



The equisetum, or horsetail, is a plant known and used since ancient times, which owes its name to the characteristic shape of a horse's tail assumes that during the summer. The primary therapeutic use of this plant is closely related to the properties of the silicon.

This mineral - track participates in the processes of calcification of the bone, promoting the deposition of calcium .
The silicon is involved in the formation of connective tissue, facilitating the formation of the bond between proteins and mucopolysaccharides, helping to maintain the integrity of articular cartilage and vessel walls. It promotes bone repair and the uptake of other minerals in bones.
There is no official RDA of silicon, however, is calculated daily human needs of 5-20 mg .
Due to the diuretic properties can be useful in edematous states, in the stimulation of diuresis and in the case of bacterial diseases and inflammatory conditions of the urinary tract. The silicon nell'equiseto present in the form of silicic acid, is soluble in water, while in other plants is not bioavailable and is excreted in the feces.


1-3 capsules per day to be taken with water or other beverages during the meal if possible. To increase the benefits of diuretics is recommended to drink at least a liter and a half of water during the day. 

Precautions: contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation and in patients with edema caused by heart disease and kidney disease. 
Synergistic supplements: 
Calcium 750 
Osteo-Ar Plus 


Each capsule contains: 

450 mg Horsetail plant (Equisetum arvense L.) 
dry extract (4/6: 1) titrated 2.5% 
[11.25 mg] silica 
maltodextrin, bulking agent (cellulose mc), anti-caking agents (vegetable magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide). 
Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose capsule of plant origin.

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